What is a Cooler?

Back in the 80s, two Southern Californian surfer dudes (in pursuit of the perfect summer vibe) started mixing white wines with tropical flavours and club soda. They bottled their creation and unwittingly produced one of the most era-defining drinks the world had ever known.

The California wine cooler was quickly iconic. Mainly because it was the first wine spritz that was pre-mixed and readily available. But it wasn’t destined to last beyond the decade. In many ways, the wine cooler walked so that Blume’s Kombucha Cooler could run… but before you start dusting off your leg warmers and shoulder pads, there are a few key differences between our retro predecessor and Blume's cool, contemporary cans.

At Blume, we’ve taken the basic idea of the original and given it an upgrade.

Our Kombucha Coolers are still simple, refreshing combinations that pair tasty flavours with a carbonated kick. And they still promise to deliver the perfect summer vibe. But their flavours are derived from the premium, all-natural ingredients we use, rather than from artificial add-ins. That goes for the alcohol we use too — only high-quality, real spirits. And our cans even contain healthy antioxidants and acids thanks to the crucial addition of Batchwell Kombucha.

What we’re trying to say is that 80s might be making a comeback, but with Blume, there’s no reason to lose your cool.

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