Our Story

Blume began with Batchwell. You know, the kombucha named New Zealand’s tastiest? That’s us. Back when we were just four kiwi friends living in Los Angeles we fell in love with Californian kombucha — the tasty, effervescent brew that combined the flavours of soda with the gut-loving benefits of a probiotic drink. So, after returning to New Zealand we decided to make our own. A no-BS kombucha that honoured its L.A. roots by being hand-crafted, batch-brewed and made using only the finest, all-natural ingredients. Harnessing the power of organic produce and perfecting our method over months of research, Batchwell was born — a kombucha that burst onto the scene and broke all the rules. But that was just the beginning.

Introducing Blume: Batchwell’s bold younger sibling. Realising that our award-winning kombucha made the perfect mixer, we combined it with top quality, quadruple-distilled spirits, freshly pressed juice and a splash of sparkling water to create the ultimate summertime thirst-quencher — the Kombucha Cooler.

Think of it like the Californian cooler your mum loved in the 80s, but much (much) better. 

The Cool New Kid

Blume’s Kombucha Coolers are refreshingly simple. Batchwell kombucha, real spirits, cold-pressed juice and sparkling water. That’s it. Just natural ingredients with no synthetic add-ins or nasty concentrates. Because Blume doesn’t like fakes or posers. It likes delicious flavours and real cocktails. Cocktails that come in cans but taste like they were made right in front of you. And considering our coolers are all crafted in New Zealand, that isn’t far from the truth. So this summer, whether it’s for a drink in the sun or a night out with friends, don’t just be cool, be cooler, with Blume.

Get the picture?

From vodka with pineapple and ginger, to vodka with apple and mint, and even gin with cucumber and lemon, Blume's Kombucha Coolers are chilled, cheeky and full of character. Tasked with bringing our vision to life, renowned illustrator (and very cool customer) Jean Jullien gave each of our fresh flavours the personality they deserve.

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