Introducing Blume by Batchwell, a blumin' good time no matter the occasion.

What is a cooler?

Award-winning organic kombucha by Batchwell, cold pressed juice, triple distilled spirits and a splash of sparkling water.

Time for a change? We got you.

Finally, now available online

Hard work pays off.

We take the time to craft the best tasting drink possible. Here's what makes our Kombucha Cooler. 

• Strong Foundations — We start with award winning small batch organic kombucha from our mates at Batchwell. Batch brewed in a mix of glass jars and sexy tanks for a week or two, it's refreshing, super-low in sugar and the best tasting in gods own.

• No purees, extracts or artificial flavours — We use whole ingredients and real foods juiced onsite. There are no cheap concentrates or extracts in Blume, we think there’s nothing that cool about lab-made flavours anyway.

• Quality — Triple-distilled ensures a smooth taste and means we don’t need to mask the taste with sweeteners and fake flavours, which is pretty cool.

Finale — We add a splash of carbon-filtered water to make Blume a slightly lighter summer fling.

A Blum'n good story!

Real knows real. Real kombucha. Real fruits. Real spirits. Really?  Yes! That is what Blume is.

Four mates who got together and wanted no BS, just an honest little spicy drink with whole ingredients that you want your friends to make you. Not the phantom rocket fuel that can be found elsewhere.

Can't decide?

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